Dr.Chuck Hahn

Dr. Chuck Hahn is the Brewmaster and Managing Director of the Malt Shovel Brewery, brewers of the James Squire beers. He has over 36 years experience in the brewing business. After receiving a PhD in Chemical Engineering in 1971, he learned his brewing over ten years with the Coors Brewery in Colorado. In 1981, Chuck came to Australia as General Manager - Brewing at Tooths and Reschs Breweries in Sydney. In early 1984, he moved to NZ and spent almost four years with Lion Breweries. He returned to Sydney in 1988 to build the Hahn Brewery in Camperdown into one of the leading Australian boutique breweries. The Hahn Brewery merged with Tooheys and Lion Nathan in 1993, and Chuck became Chief Brewer for Lion Nathan.

In 1998, Chuck returned to the kettles at Camperdown to begin brewing his own style of beers in honour of James Squire, Australia's first brewer. This traditional range of beers is representative of the flavoursome ales once brewed in colonial Australia. These are beers to be savoured and enjoyed with fine foods and this has been an on-going mission. The Malt Shovel Brewery is the leader in the craft beer movement, and the range includes Amber Ale, Pilsener, Golden Ale, Porter, India Pale Ale and a number of limited releases. Chuck continues to be involved with new beers in the Hahn range and Hahn Super Dry, a carbohydrate reduced beer, was successfully launched in late 2006. He is involved in many educational programs promoting the tasting of beers and matching with foods.